The “Wycliffe Stiffs” Make their Big-Screen Debut at the Palm Beach International Film Festival

Wycliffe Stiffs Team Photo

If you’ve ever played Stickball as a kid in Brooklyn, NY, then you’d know the joy and excitement it brings. The “Wycliffe Stiffs” of Wycliffe Golf & Country Club in Wellington, FL. have brought that nostalgic feeling right back to Palm Beach County. The “Stiffs” as most call them, have recently made a short video/documentary, showcasing their incredible talent and love for the game. We are proud to announce that this short film entitled “Meet the Wycliffe Stiffs”, Directed by Monica Kallas of SharpShooter Marketing Group and produced by Krista Martinelli of and originally sponsored by Risë and Sean Siegrist of Re/Max, has been accepted into the 21st Palm Beach International Film Festival!

The film festival, which goes from April 6-14, 2016, showcases some of the best up and coming film Directors, Producers and Actors in the business. You can catch the Wycliffe Stiffs Video Documentary on Saturday, April 9th at 2:15 p.m. and on Tuesday, April 12 at 11 a.m. at The G-Star School of the Arts  in Palm Springs, FL.

The Wycliffe Stiffs are possibly the funniest group of athletes in South Florida. They are re-creating a special time from their past in Brooklyn, N.Y. by playing Stickball – competitively. They have something very special that others don’t have. It’s called the magic formula for staying young – laughing everyday and staying active!

“It’s truly exciting to be able to share a fantastic film about a bunch of guys re-living their childhood and playing the game that they fell in love with. It’s an honor to be part of the festival. Thank you to all involved in making this happen for the team,” said league player Marty Ross (The Commish).



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Wycliffe Golf & Country Club Sees Dramatic User Increase with Online Dining Reservation System

Wycliffe Golf & Country Club Sees Dramatic User Increase with Online Dining Reservation System

Sometimes, golf and country clubs such as ours, find that there are certain challenges in managing a highly-engaged membership. We hold many events for our membership that get a very high turnout rate, such as our very popular Trivia Night – so much, that sometimes we’ve even encountered an overbooking.

Clubessential, the company that maintains our website, also has developed technology to help with reservation bookings. They designed a lottery reservation system that would give our members a better chance of attending future events at the Club.

A few advantages of Clubessential’s technology, is that it reduces the work load for staff and the Club can seamlessly send out marketing messages of upcoming events on the dining email confirmation notice. A very important aspect to point out is it takes our communication with members to a new level. There are now more ways to discuss their specific needs and desires. We can provide a more personal and unique experience and that is everything when it comes to country club living.

“We know that our Club must stay on the forefront of new technologies. Part of our job is researching innovative ways to stay on top of the game. We always think about what’s in our members’ best interests, which includes advancing our technology for better communications. We are very proud to say that since acquiring this new system, we’ve quickly seen results. Forty-one percent of members are already utilizing it. It’s wonderful to see this level of engagement so soon,” said Cheryl Loder, Membership & Marketing Director at Wycliffe Golf & Country Club.

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BoardRoom magazine Nominates Wycliffe Golf & Country Club as a Distinguished Club for 2016


Wycliffe Golf & Country Club is very proud to announce its Distinguished Clubs nomination by Boardroom magazine for 2016. To be one of a highly select group of private clubs that have been recognized as providing an absolutely excellent member experience is an honor in itself. Only the top 10 percent of private clubs throughout the nation are nominated. Over the last three years, Boardroom magazine has awarded this status to 165 of the finest clubs in the world. As you can see, this not only makes it a wonderful distinction to have, but it makes it something very special to Wycliffe.

Providing a member experience that is memorable and unique and having the willingness to constantly improve is what this award is all about. This is something that Wycliffe knows very well. A good lesson to learn is that you can never just be satisfied, but rather always wanting to go the extra mile for your members and show them that they matter to you and that you care about providing a first-rate experience.

So the question on everyone’s mind is how do you get nominated? Boardroom magazine has their guidelines as well as a lengthy evaluation process which includes having their own member experience rating system. Making sure our service and quality is impeccable, are just two of the many parts to this system.

“Being nominated as a Distinguished Club is something that is very important to us. This is a wonderful honor to obtain, and to be in that top 10 percent of clubs that provides excellent service, makes it is even more extraordinary” said Darrell Wilde, General Manager/COO of Wycliffe Golf & Country Club.

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Wycliffe Golf & Country Club Providing a Touch of Elegance to Your Wedding or Special Event

Imagine planning the wedding of your dreams or a special event at a club that caters to your every need and wish, creating a day that’s perfect in every way. Wycliffe Golf & Country Club, in Wellington, FL, offers just that, coupled with a unique blend of romance and elegance in a private golf and country club setting.

wedding bridge and club 7-11

Wedding and special events at a golf and country club have always been special. To many, they are considered to be classic, with gorgeous views, lush greens and vibrant landscaping. Wycliffe offers that, plus impeccable catering and culinary services.

Wycliffe Golf & Country Club has always prided itself with its first-rate dining experience for members, but what makes our Club unique, is that experience is then handed off to our expert Culinary Team, which includes, Certified German Master Executive Chef, Michael J. Schenk, to craft a customized menu for you and your guests that is personal and memorable.

“Holding your wedding or special event at Wycliffe Golf & Country Club is truly unlike any other venue in South Florida. We want to make sure your day is all about you! Our Club understands the importance of having the experience of a lifetime, with our second-to-none culinary and catering team making sure you and your guests are fully taken care of. There is nothing like having two gorgeous championship golf courses as a backdrop adding beauty and style to complete your day.” said Christine Bostley, Food & Beverage Operation Catering Sales

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Wycliffe’s Own Irwin Tepper Named One of BoardRoom magazine’s Top Private Club Presidents for 2015


 From l to r: Wycliffe Golf & Country Club General Manager/COO, Darrell Wilde with Club President, Irwin Tepper

Wycliffe Golf & Country Club is very proud to announce that our Club President, Irwin Tepper has been named one of Boardroom magazine’s Top 20 Private Club Presidents for 2015.

BoardRoom magazine annually recognizes the world’s top Private Club Presidents for their outstanding work, their understanding of the industry, and their role and responsibilities of the club’s board of directors.

This award, now in its eighth year, has attracted board president nominations from clubs and other nominators around the world, which suggests to us that recognition of the best club presidents in the world is long overdue. That’s the reason why BoardRoom magazine has initiated this award

Wycliffe Golf & Country Club President, Irwin Tepper is among one of BoardRoom magazine’s finest candidates to receive this award. He truly exemplifies the focus of the leadership responsibilities, the accountability and the management of the board. Irwin is highly effective and efficient with the volunteer board, which shows the dedication necessary to fulfill his presidential duties and create memorable experiences for club members.

Since arriving at Wycliffe in 2008, Irwin has been one of many members who takes “the bull by the horns” and goes above and beyond no matter if it’s for a member or for the good of the Club. He is wonderful in so many ways that we don’t have enough room to list. Being a dedicated President to our Club, is just one way he is recognized. The other way, is being a good listener to members.

“Irwin Tepper is a one-of-a-kind President. His dedication, loyalty and commitment to our Club and membership is fantastic. I am so proud of him for receiving this award, not just as our Club President, but as my friend.” said Darrell Wilde, Wycliffe Golf & Country Club General Manager/COO

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Here’s to Health and Wellness in 2016!

Here’s to Health and Wellness in 2016!

For many people, fitness can be a passion and a strong confidence builder. Expressing your passion through fitness is a great way to feel alive and engaged in the world – which is truly the best simple pleasure. For Wycliffe Golf & Country Club, the philosophy of “Think well, Live well and Be well” has been taking storm! Simply put, it means that we want our membership to think positive, live their lives to the best of their ability while staying active and healthy.

Fitness at Wycliffe is a huge priority to our staff and membership. Our experts come from different backgrounds, teaching an array of activities, such as: Pilates,TRX, Aerobics, Personal Training, Tai Chi and more. We strive to give our members the absolute best health and wellness information, coupled with various classes designed to make them feel invigorated and inspired to have a healthy balanced lifestyle. Now that we offer members hands-on nutrition advice with a health and nutrition educator, our members can now have a full well-rounded wellness experience.

“Our new fitness philosophy of Think well, Live well and Be well is a motto that we as a Club strongly believe in. It’s so important to us that we send a positive message to our membership embracing health and wellness and the importance of continuous education and training” said Lynn Mandigo, Fitness Director at Wycliffe Golf & Country Club.

“I’m very excited to work with the team in implementing our new fitness motto. I strongly believe in health education and continuously working on self-improvement.” said Gabriela Baker, Pilates Coordinator at Wycliffe Golf & Country Club.

Gabriela Baker, Pilates Coordinator at Wycliffe Golf & Country Club

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Fits Like a Club!

Golfers come in all different shapes and sizes and there are plenty of clubs to suit every imaginable body type. However, not all these clubs are available ‘off-the-rack.’ That’s why there is custom-fitting. Just like the name suggests, custom-fitting is the building of individual golf clubs that are designed specific to a golfer’s size, shape and swing.


One of the most common questions members at our Club ask our golf professionals is “Am I using the right club or would I hit lower scores with a set of custom clubs?”

“Custom-fitting clubs can provide a great advantage to a player. When you’re comfortable on the course, you’re going to play better, it’s that simple. Having custom-fitted clubs can provide a player with a wide range of advantages, the big one being driving the ball farther with more ease. Other important factors include: length, lie, shaft flex, grip size, and shaft weight. We are now very happy to offer our members this service.” said Head Golf Professional at Wycliffe Golf & Country Club and PGA Member, Paul Rifenberg.

Keep in mind that if you do decide to go this route, you should start to notice slight improvements to your game once you get comfortable with the new clubs. It just takes time getting used to.

Wycliffe members can directly contact our Golf Professionals directly to set up an appointment or ask any questions.

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